Power of the Like Button – Social Media

MiniCo - Power of LikesWhen social media was created, the like button was just for pictures and personal postings. Now days, social media is being used as a marketing tool in every type of industry. Companies have incorporated social media as part of their annual operational budgets. Value is there if you put the work into it. Results will come over time, not overnight.

Below are a few reasons the Like button is so important in insurance marketing:

Did you know that when you hit the like button, other friends and family can see the things you like? As for a business, marketing products they provide, we want potential clients to see our company’s page in their news feed too. So what better way to start with your friends and family? Encourage them to look at your page and see why you are the best at what you do! Ask them to share your post and say something exciting about your business. As your Like page grows, start to encourage your clients to like and rate as well. The result will be more leads and more policies for you.

Search for your local and national insurance associations, like their page and stay connected with news that could be important to your business. The associations offer information or host classes for continuous education and various workshops.


Lhea Inzalaco

MiniCo Insurance Agency

Marketing Tactics ~ Estimate vs. Proposal

MiniCo - ProposalHave you thought about the difference between an estimate and a proposal? How could this affect a potential client buying decision? You are an insurance agent, meeting with a new client for the first time and they tell you to send them an estimate of the cost of coverage for their new business. After going over their needs, you send them a one page estimate of possible coverage. Sometimes the information can be confusing to the client in this form. Remember this should be more like a presentation not a summary. Clients want to know what they are getting and why they need it. A proposal gives you the opportunity to focus on the explanation of the coverage and its policy information.

What should I include in a well-organized proposal?

  1. Create a folder for your new potential client; the folder should have your business logo and or professional headshot printed on it.
  2. In one of the pockets insert a one page bio about you and your office team.
  3. Attach a business card so that if they have any questions, your contact information is easy for them to find.
  4. Encourage your client to read reviews about you, also connect with you on LinkedIn and Google+.
  5. Your proposal should be as detailed as possible. This is your chance to show your client on paper how each policy can not only benefit them but protect their assets.

These are simple steps you could take to writing more policies for your insurance agency. Proposals can also help the buyer discover questions and answers to topics they may not have thought about when meeting with you.


Lhea Inzalaco

MiniCo Insurance Agency

Self-Storage Industry Growth in the U.S.

MiniCo - Self-StorageThe self-storage industry in the United States is sometimes described as immune to the changing economic climate. In many ways, this assessment tends to be accurate due to the product itself. A booming economy leads Americans to acquire more and seek storage space for those items that won’t fit in their homes, garages and sheds. When the economy turns downward, the population tends to downsize, and self-storage is often a primary option during the transition period. Continue reading

Why Should You Provide Coverage for Fine Art to Your Clients

MiniCo - Fine ArtSerious collectors need specialty coverage that protects the full collectible value of their items. Many people have collections that vary from wine to action figures to even lunch boxes! How many of those collectors have an additional policy that covers their fine art and collectibles? Have you educated your client about the coverage they may need? Collectors are passionate about their collections, but they may not have a firm grasp of what their items are actually worth. Continue reading

How to Market Your Insurance Agency on Instagram

MiniCo - Instagram BlogWhen you think about marketing and social media, does Instagram come to mind? Instagram, also known as IG, is a great way to connect with your clients while gaining new ones. Did you know there are 130 million active users on IG every month and that 1 billion photos are liked every day! IG can be used as a visual story about your brand or the services you provide. Continue reading

Creating a Stand-Alone Social Media Policy

MiniCo - GuidelinesSocial media has grown so quickly that it can be hard to remember when it wasn’t part of our daily lives. Self-storage businesses can reap many benefits from promoting themselves on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other sites. Such interaction helps your business to stay relevant, provides free access to a large audience of potential customers, allows you to post real-time updates, and can help enhance relationships with prospective and existing tenants.

Social Media Benefits and Risks

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Agencies Getting Involved In Local and National Charities

MiniCo - CharitiesDo you contribute to a local or national charity? Have you thought about the difference you could make by supporting a non-profit organization? Most large corporations are actively involved in at least one charity throughout the year. This is also a great opportunity for small businesses to get involved. Is there a charity that comes to mind when you think about non-profit organizations? Why does that one topic come to mind? When choosing the right charity for your business to be involved in, be sure that there is a sincere reason behind the involvement. Businesses are more likely to get involved and stay involved if it is something they are more passionate about. This will also inspire your agents to get involved too. Continue reading

Self-Storage Marketing | How To Make Twitter Work For You

Twitter MiniCo Blog - MarketingDo you know what Twitter is or how to use it? Do you use a social media platform to market your business? Twitter can be a great marketing tool when looking to increase the knowledge of your brand. There are many reasons someone would want to follow a person or a brand on Twitter. This tool can help them stay in the loop with events, ideas and or even the latest trends. Continue reading

Self-Storage Audits: An Important Risk Management Tool

Audit - MiniCo InsuranceSelf-storage business owners are all likely to agree that excellent facility managers can be a deciding factor in the success of an operation. The industry abounds with talented, skilled, dedicated managers who are passionate about customer service and building the business. How do we provide oversight to support that quality manager and remove that problem manager who is a liability to the operation? Continue reading

5 Customer Service Skills That Every Agent Should Know

Customer Service - MiniCo

What do you do as an insurance agent to go above the norm for your clients? What steps do you take to see that your clients are satisfied with the service you provide? One fact in any industry is great customer service can be rewarded with referrals. Referrals are one of the best types of advertising methods in marketing – and it’s free!
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Why Do Your Clients Need Collectibles Insurance?

MiniCo Lunch box-JawaThere are many types of insurance needs in our very large world of business.  There are also questions, like what kind of coverage does my client need or what company is going to give my client the best coverage.  When dealing with collectibles insurance coverage, you need to make sure you have all the information to inform your clients of all their options.
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Coverages in Action: Optional Coverages for Self-Storage Risks

MiniCo Insuance RiskSelf-storage businesses need property and liability coverage, but there are many optional and specialty coverages available that can offer valuable protection. You may have heard about coverages such as customers goods legal liability, sale and disposal liability, limited pollutant removal, and others, but do you understand what they cover and how they may protect a self-storage business owner from costly insurance claims and lawsuits? Continue reading

MiniCo Collectibles Insurance Program Enrolls Over 1,000 Agents

Insurance_BusinessOver 1,000 agents have now enrolled in the MiniCo Collectibles Insurance program since it launched in late 2011. MiniCo Collectibles Insurance provides all-risk coverage for private collections of any size in a home or storage facility. Collections are insured for their full collectible value, and no appraisal is required at the time of application.
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Always Speak With A Smile

Minico Insurance SmileWhen you answer the phone, do you smile? When you are having a face-to-face conversation, do you portray that you are in a great mood?

A smile isn’t just about happiness; it is also a sign of social status. A 1998 study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that high-powered people, as well as people interacting with others of equal power, smiled when they felt happy. People with less social status interact with a smile regardless of their emotions. Continue reading

How to be a Prepared Agent

MiniCo Insurance Agency - Are You PreparedAs an agent, what do you think is important to your client? How will you be prepared for them?

You should think about how you will be prepared for business every day, and what will you do to get prepared.  Your day depends on how well you “dress for success”.  At MiniCo we believe that there are a few key factors that come into play. We want to help you be prepared for a day full of opportunity and create new ways to grow your business and professionalism. Continue reading