Spring 2006

Managing Risk With Information
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Managing Risk With Information
By Mike Schofield

Dear Self-Storage Professionals,

Welcome to the first issue of e-Risk Management from the Insurance Division
of MiniCo, Inc.

As the leading provider of superior specialty insurance coverage for self-storage businesses since 1974, MiniCo has over 30 years of experience dealing specifically with self-storage operations and their owners. Our underwriters and claims staff have unique expertise in recognizing the risks involved with running a self-storage business.

In addition to these resources, MiniCo is fortunate to be associated with many talented professionals in the self-storage, insurance,  finance, real estate, construction and legal fields, as well as other industries. Many of these individuals and firms specialize in providing services and products for the self-storage industry and have a wealth of information about mitigating risk issues faced by self-storage operators.

Mike Schofield
President, Insurance
MiniCo, Inc.

e-Risk Management is designed to convey that important information directly to you – the self-storage owner/operator. Each quarter, e-Risk Management will bring you a selection of articles from leading business professionals that will address financial, strategic and operational risks. We recognize that your time is valuable, so each issue will provide specific and relevant risk-management information in a clear and concise format. It is our objective that every quarter you will discover tools and resources you can take away to help you identify and analyze potential risks within your operation and to initiate action plans to manage them more effectively.

Creating awareness, communication and sharing ideas is the goal of this publication, and that includes you! We value your comments and suggestions and invite you to share your feedback with us. If you have an article suggestion, comment or question, please contact the editor, Christa Van Zant, at cvanzant@minico.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Schofield
President, Insurance
MiniCo, Inc.

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