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August 2018

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Best Practices for Offering Tenant Insurance

.As an agent writing self-storage risks, you may be aware of the significant dialogue that has been going on in the self-storage industry over the past several months on the topic of financial products and models being marketed to protect a tenant's stored property. While tenant insurance is not a product generally offered by independent insurance agents, the issue is an important consideration for your self-storage insureds.

Facilities that require evidence of insurance in conjunction with offering a tenant insurance product to customers may be considered a better risk by underwriters evaluating a new or renewal commercial insurance application. This is one element in an overall risk management strategy that ultimately may help the underwriter find credits and offer better pricing terms for your self-storage client.

MiniCo has published a list of best practices for offering tenant insurance at self-storage operations. The best practices address factors such as regulatory requirements, program selection, carrier rating, lease agreement, manager training, and customer communication. To review, download, and share MiniCo's best practices with your self-storage clients, visit

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MiniCo's New Agent Publication Has Collectibles Covered

UpdateThe variety of items that attract the attention of dedicated collectors is virtually unlimited. The MiniCo Collectibles Agent Newsletter is MiniCo's latest e-publication for independent agents. It offers details about specific categories of collectibles along with coverage information about the MiniCo Collectibles Insurance program. Recent issues have explored sports memorabilia, movie memorabilia, jewelry, and fine wine.

Are you offering collectibles insurance to your personal lines clients and other contacts? The chances are good that many of them are serious collectors who may benefit from a stand-alone policy to protect their cherished items. Insuring these types of collections under a homeowner policy can be expensive and challenging. Plus in today’s insurance market, filing a claim against a homeowner policy may leave an insured vulnerable to premium increases at renewal or the possibility of non-renewal.

MiniCo Collectibles Insurance offers the following benefits:

• Agent-Friendly Quoting Our online portal includes a large list of covered classes available for self-service quoting and binding. Plus MiniCo offers automated annual renewals with the same agent commission as the original policy.

• Affordable Coverage Coverage is competitively priced, and policyholders can choose from $0 or low deductible options.

• Higher Coverage Limits Coverage is available for collections valued up to $1,000,000.

• No Appraisal or Inventory Required The policyholder establishes the value of the collection, so no appraisal is required at the time of application. Items valued below $5,000 do not require a detailed inventory. (Appraisal required for jewelry/watch items valued over $50,000.)

• More Covered Perils The MiniCo Collectibles Insurance program is an all-risk policy that includes covered perils such as accidental breakage, fire, lightning, wind, water damage, mysterious disappearance, loss in transit and burglary.

• Full Collectible Value — Claims are paid at full collectible value. By contrast, most homeowner policies pay claims at actual cash value, which in some cases would be far less than the collectible value.

MiniCo Collectibles Insurance is offered nationwide in partnership with AXA Art Americas Corporation. For more information, contact 888-873-6931 or

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Marketing Tips and Tools from the MiniCo Blog

.The MiniCo blog is an excellent resource for agents seeking information about topics such as getting started as a new agent, e-mail marketing, social media, website design, video marketing, customer service and networking.

If you have not yet checked out the MiniCo blog, get started with two of our most popular posts.

5 Tips for Improving Your Insurance Agency's Social Media Content

.Social media continues to be the number one marketing method for driving traffic to your agency's website and making direct sales. Unfortunately, finding time for social media marketing can be a challenge. Today, it's important to deliver quality content that resonates with prospects and existing clients. In other words, make the content that you post on your social media platforms worth your time and effort.

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Use Upselling and Cross-Selling to Grow Your Insurance Agency

.Insurance selling is all about building relationships and establishing trust. As a result, cross-selling and upselling within your current book of business can be highly effective tools for generating quicker sales and profits, as well as increasing your retention rates. Why? Because your existing customer base already sees you as a trusted professional and go-to source when it comes to meeting their insurance needs.

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On the Road with MiniCo

.MiniCo will be traveling to several conventions in the next few months. If your plans include attending any of these shows, we hope you will stop by the MiniCo booth.




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