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Responding to Negative Online Reviews Part 1

Review sites like Yelp have made it easy for customers to air their grievances about your self-storage business in a very public forum. Reading a negative review is never pleasant. But what is the best way to respond without further damaging your facility’s reputation?

Here are a few don’ts for responding to negative online reviews. Next week, we'll discuss the do's.

    5 Don’ts

  • Don’t Ignore Online Reviews — Make it a routine to search popular review sites for new reviews about your business.
  • Don’t Respond Immediately — Time is of the essence when responding to a negative review. However, it is more important to take a little time to calm down and think through your response.
  • Don’t Lose Your Cool — It’s easy to take a nasty comment personally and feel the urge to lash out in response. Not only is that type of behavior unprofessional, it can further harm your operation’s reputation.
  • Don’t Be Rude — So a reviewer called your manager a “jerk.” That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for you to respond in the same way. Keep your words professional.
  • Don’t Respond to Personal Attacks — If a review is nothing but a personal attack on your employees without a substantive complaint, don’t feel compelled to respond. If you do, keep it along the lines of, “Please contact our office directly to discuss your concerns."

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Make it a safe day!

Mike Schofield
President & CEO