Payment Plans

Our premium payment plans cover GL, auto, property, and IM, and they provide significant cash flow advantages for contractors. After posting a security deposit, premium is payable monthly.  The security deposit simply rolls over at policy renewal, saving the insured the hassle of another premium deposit or premium down payment, often 25% of their annual premium. Contractors may utilize the GL “pay as you go” class reporting or the fixed monthly pay plan.

Cash Flow Advantages Flyer (PDF)

Make a Payment with Secure Vcheck

  • Click the Vcheck link.
  • Enter your check information via an easy-to-use secure online form.
  • The Vcheck system produces an instant, printable receipt that resembles your check.
  • A confirmation email is sent to you instantly.
  • A new check notification message is instantly sent to MiniCo Insurance.
  • MiniCo logs into the secure Vcheck system and prints your check.
  • MiniCo deposits the check.
  • MiniCo’s bank processes your Vcheck as a “Demand Draft” or “Sight Draft.” (This is a common banking activity.)