4 Tips for New Insurance Agents

You might call yourself a rookie, and your colleagues might use the word as a term of endearment. Better yet, a few of your colleagues might offer you some extra help. Starting a new job is always stressful and exciting, and new insurance agents are often overwhelmed. As an insurance agent, you will have to become an expert in customer service and sales.

You Are a Sales Agent

Insurance agents have to find the perfect product that fits their client’s profile. In addition to finding the ideal product, you must educate your customers about its benefits. When you sell a product, you are starting a long-term relationship with the client. Make a commitment to improving your cold calling and other sales skills.

Find a Supportive Team

All insurance agents have to deal with rejection. However, you might feel really upset about not satisfying your clients. If you recently joined an agency or you are an independent agent, you can benefit from additional training and encouragement from colleagues.

Relate to Your Clients

You may have to jump-start the conversation, and you need to make your clients feel at ease. You can talk about the weather, but you need to form a relationship with your clients. Ask about your client’s family and hobbies. You should also share a few of your own interests.

Always Be Transparent

Your clients need transparency. If they want proof of your credibility, you should consider purchasing a background check. Your potential clients will have peace of mind if they know you are a trustworthy person.

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  1. Chris Winters

    I can definitely see why an insurance agent would want to keep their client’s profile in mind at all times. I’ve been wanting to find some insurance since I’m a newly wed and I need to begin protecting my assets. I definitely think that I should find a coverage plan that best fits my family’s lifestyle.


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