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Tips for Getting a Better
Insurance Rate

Tips for Getting a Better Insurance RateAre you getting the best rate possible on your commercial insurance policy? Underwriters calculate premium based on many factors including the physical characteristics of your facility, building materials, and location. But there are other considerations that may not be specifically requested on the application that could help you when it comes to premium.

When reviewing an application, an underwriter will look for information that indicates that the business owner is actively working to reduce risk and minimize potential claims, in other words, making the operation a “better risk.” A self-storage business owner who can demonstrate that the business is a better risk is typically rewarded with a lower premium rate.

The following types of records and information may assist your underwriter in pricing your insurance quote.

• Security – Descriptions and photographs of cameras, door alarms, lighting, keypads, gates, fences, and records of daily premises inspections and lock checks.

Maintenance – Records of routine maintenance performed by facility employees as well as agreements for issues like snow and ice removal and sprinkler maintenance.

Employee Training – Written operational procedures manuals and documentation of ongoing staff training including training to address risk management issues such as slip-and-fall incidents and on-site injuries.

Claim History – Records of insurance claims for the facility going back at least five years.

Underwriters are motivated to give you the best premium rate possible – they want to retain or earn your business – but they may need assistance from you and your independent insurance agent in order to justify a lower premium. Taking a more active role in the application process may pay off for you when it comes to the bottom line.


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