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Wind/Hail Deductible Buy-Back Program for Commercial Property

Wind/Hail Deductible Buy-Back Program for Commercial PropertyMany insurance carriers have implemented high percentage wind and hail deductibles for commercial property in geographic areas prone to catastrophic wind and hail claims. Deductibles of seven to ten percent are becoming more common in the most challenging locations. For many property owners, a high percentage wind and hail deductible translates into a potentially catastrophic out-of-pocket financial exposure. In addition, the high deductible may violate the terms of the lienholder’s mortgage agreement, which may specify a ceiling for insurance deductibles.

MiniCo Insurance Agency was recently named a coverholder for Lloyd’s of London, which grants MiniCo the authority to underwrite business on behalf of Lloyd’s syndicates. As a result of this new business relationship, MiniCo has introduced a new insurance solution for commercial property owners, including self-storage, facing high percentage wind and hail deductibles.

Wind/Hail Deductible Buy-Back Program for Commercial Property
MiniCo’s program will enable property owners to purchase a stand-alone buy-back policy that permits the deductible to be as low as one percent or a specific dollar amount. This will decrease your potential out-of-pocket financial exposure and assist in compliance with mortgage deductible requirements.

The program features:

. A.M. Best “A” rated non-admitted carrier
. Storage and non-storage risks
. Stand-alone policy
. Knowledgeable underwriters
. Claims handled by MiniCo’s experienced in-house
. staff

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