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Data Compromise Coverage for
Self-Storage Businesses

Data Compromise Coverage for Self-Storage BusinessesThe past several years have seen a number of headlines announcing data breaches of credit card and debit card information at major retailers such as Target, Home Depot, SuperValu, Kmart and Staples. Data breaches have also been reported by JPMorgan Chase, Dow Jones and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which have affected millions of individuals.

Cyber crime is one of the fastest-growing threats to business operations and one that can result in expensive claims and lawsuits. To address this type of exposure, some insurance companies now offer data compromise coverage as an option for business owners.

The coverage limits and specific services provided vary depending on your insurance provider. As an example, MiniCo Insurance Agency’s data compromise coverage provides up to $50,000 in coverage to provide a variety of assistance to policyholders pertaining to a wide range of possible data breaches such as electronic theft or hacking. The coverage includes legal services, forensic information technology review services, notification to and services for affected individuals, credit report and monitoring, and identity restoration case management.

In most cases, data compromise coverage may be added to your existing commercial insurance policy for a relatively affordable premium, especially considering the costs a self-storage business may incur in attempting to recover from a data breach. In addition, claims and lawsuits may be an expensive result of a breach that results in the exposure or compromise of customers’ personal or financial information.

Your independent insurance agent is an excellent resource to help identify potential exposures and suggest insurance coverage for your business. For information about MiniCo’s data compromise coverage, contact your agent or contact MiniCo at 800-447-8383 or


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