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August 2016

New Insurance Solution for Challenging Self-Storage Properties

For a variety of underwriting reasons, some self-storage properties are more challenging to insure than others. Age of buildings, use of buildings, geographical location, and loss history are all underwriting factors that are considered by an insurance carrier when evaluating the eligibility of a risk. Depending on the specifics of one or a combination of these factors, the underwriting decision may lead to coverage limitations and sometimes a declination to offer a quote.

Since 2008, both the frequency and severity of insurance claim costs due to severe weather has increased with the result that policy renewals are being non-renewed or renewed with limitations, and new submissions are being declined at an increasing rate, leaving agents scrambling to secure insurance coverage for their self-storage accounts.

MiniCo Insurance Agency was recently named a coverholder for London-based Lloyd’s, which grants MiniCo the authority to underwrite business on behalf of Lloyd’s syndicates. As a result of this business relationship, MiniCo has introduced a new property only coverage for difficult self-storage risks.

The program’s features include:

. A.M. Best “A” rated non-admitted carrier
. Concierge customer service
. Knowledgeable underwriters
. Claims handled by MiniCo’s experienced
. in-house staff
. Monoline general liability policy with self-storage
. specialty coverages
. Nationwide availability

To learn more about the property only coverage program, contact your MiniCo underwriter or our Customer Care Department at 800-447-8383 or


Wind/Hail Deductible Buy-Back Program for Commercial Property

MiniCo Insurance Agency’s second initiative as a Lloyd’s coverholder is a wind/hail deductible buy-back program for commercial property. Wind and hail deductibles for commercial property are on the rise in many areas of the United States. Deductibles of seven percent to ten percent are becoming more common in the most challenging locations.

MiniCo’s deductible buy-back program enables commercial property owners (including non-storage risks) to purchase a stand-alone policy that will lower the deductible to as little as one percent or a specific dollar amount. This decreases the potential out-of-pocket financial exposure and can assist in compliance with mortgage deductible requirements. In addition, the MiniCo wind/hail deductible buy-back program offers insurance agents greater flexibility when discussing coverage with clients.


. A.M. Best “A” rated non-admitted carrier
. Storage and non-storage risks
. Stand-alone policy
. Knowledgeable underwriters
. Claims handled by MiniCo’s experienced
. in-house staff

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For more information, contact your MiniCo underwriter or our Customer Care Department at 800-447-8383 or


Marketing Tips and Tools from the MiniCo Blog

The MiniCo blog is an excellent resource for agents seeking information about topics such as getting started as a new agent, e-mail marketing, social media, website design, video marketing, customer service and networking.

If you have not yet checked out the MiniCo blog, get started with two of our most popular posts.

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We live an age that is focused on technology, and marketing plans generally revolve around e-mail and social media. While it may seem like direct mail marketing is outdated, it can actually be helpful to reach potential customers that may otherwise be hard to reach. Plus, direct mail has a tangible and personalized quality not found in digital marketing.

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4 Ways Volunteering Can Help Your Insurance Agency

While volunteering has long been considered a personal activity that one does after work or on the weekends, more and more businesses are beginning to understand and appreciate the value of giving back on a professional level. There are likely many opportunities to volunteer within every community, and between charity walks, food drives, and roadside cleaning, you’re sure to find something that you and the rest of your employees can enjoy together. Volunteering also has a number of great benefits for your insurance agency.

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On the Road with MiniCo

MiniCo will be traveling to several conventions in the next few months. If your plans include attending any of these shows, we hope you will stop by the MiniCo booth.

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