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Earthquake Survival and Recovery

The Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA) is a California-based public-private partnership of people, organizations, and regional alliances dedicated to earthquake information and preparedness. The ECA's Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety flyer is an excellent resource for residents and business owners (see link below to download a PDF version of the ECA's flyer).

Last week we discussed steps you can take to prepare for an earthquake in your area. Here are steps to help you survive and recover from an earthquake.

Earthquake Survival and Recovery

  • Drop, Cover, and Hold On
    Get low, take cover, and hold on when an earthquake strikes.
  • Evacuate
    Be prepared to evacuate if necessary after an earthquake and provide assistance to help the injured or prevent further injury.
  • Organize Supplies
    Assemble and organize disaster supplies in convenient locations such as portable totes and backpacks.
  • Reconnect
    Once the immediate danger is has passed, reconnect with your important contacts and start the process of repairing damage.
Download the ECA's Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety flyer.

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Make it a safe day!

Mike Schofield
President & CEO