risk management: tip of the week

Facility Inspections for Winter Prep

During the winter months, increase the frequency of your property inspections. Inspecting the property multiple times each day allows you to identify potential hazards quickly as weather conditions change.

Here are some items to looks for during your inspections.
  • Pay extra attention to surfaces that may become wet or icy.
  • Use entryway mats on interior floors.
  • Spread sand or kitty litter on outdoor walkways.
  • If you identify a hazard, set out safety cones, "wet floor" signs, or other devices to alert customers and staff.
  • Inspect facility lighting at various times throughout the day to ensure that fixtures are working properly.

In addition to these daily inspections, be sure to schedule maintenance for equipment such as security systems and thermostats.

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Make it a safe day!

Mike Schofield
President & CEO