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Responding to Negative Online Reviews Part 2

A negative online review can do harm to your self-storage facility's reputation and bottom line. But what is the best way to respond to these types of posts?

Last week, we reviewed a few don’ts for responding to negative online reviews. Here are a few do's.

    5 Do’s

  • Do Respond Online — Make an effort to respond in a professional way to online reviews.
  • Consider the Direct Approach — Some issues are too complicated to resolve in an online forum. Once you have acknowledged the review online, say something like, "I share your concern about this incident and would like to work with you to resolve it. Please contact me directly to discuss this matter."
  • Do Respond to Legitimate Concerns — If a reviewer describes a legitimate customer service issue, it is imperative that you respond quickly and work with the customer to resolve it.
  • Admit Wrongdoing and Apologize — If your business dropped the ball or made a mistake, admit it and make a sincere apology. Potential customers reading the review online are more likely to forgive an incident if the business owns up to its error.
  • Make a Positive Out of a Negative — Once the situation has been addressed, respond to the review online and explain what has changed. For example, "I apologize that your gate code was not working on your last visit. Repairs have been made, and the keypad is functioning properly. Please contact me directly if you have any problems on your next visit."

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