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Risk Management

Nonprofit organizations exist in many different environments, offering many different challenges from a risk management and prevention perspective. Understanding the nonprofit, its mission, and operation helps to formulate the best risk management solutions. MiniCo Insurance knows that “one size fits all” is not an effective approach to risk. We recognize that a smaller nonprofit has different exposures than a larger social service facility, so we customize solutions based on each organization’s needs.

In addition to the risk management resources listed below, we invite you to contact your MiniCo underwriter to learn more about customized risk management solutions.

Resources from MiniCo’s Partners

  • Orion Fleet Intelligence (PDF)
  • Intellicorp Discounted Background Checks (PDF)

    Resources from Liberty Mutual

    • Liberty Mutual Risk Control Consulting Center (PDF)
    • General Liability Incident Response Flow Chart (PDF)
    • General Liability Incident Response Kit (PDF)
    • Floor Inspection Cleaning Log (PDF)
    • Safety Considerations for Operating 15-Passenger Vans (PDF)
    • Small Fleet Safety Program Ideas (PDF)
    • Vehicle Safety Program Self-Evaluation (PDF)
    • Disaster Preparedness: Hurricane Response And Recovery (PDF)
    • Peril-Specific Critical Interests (PDF)
    • Evidence Chain of Custody Form (PDF)
    • Manager’s General Liability (PDF)
    • Refusal of Medical Transport or Aid Form (PDF)