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Frequently Asked Questions

What is accident medical insurance?

Accident medical insurance protects participants from costly out-of-pocket medical expenses that are a result of an injury that occurred during a policyholder’s supervised and sponsored event.

Why should a team/league purchase accident medical insurance?

This coverage provides protection should an accident occur and the participant is not covered by any other health insurance or has out-of-pocket expenses not covered by health insurance.

Who is covered under this participant accident policy?

Players, coaches, managers, volunteers, members and any other defined participant taking part in a supervised, sponsored event of the policyholder are covered by the policy.

Will this coverage pay all bills for covered participants if they do not have any other insurance?

In the event a covered participant does not have other insurance, this coverage would pay all eligible bills up to usual and customary and/or policy limits.

If a covered participant has health insurance, what does this policy pay for?

This policy would pay for co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance.

Does this coverage follow participants wherever they practice or participate?

Yes, this coverage applies as long as the covered individual is participating in the policyholder’s supervised and sponsored event.

What does "AME" mean?

AME stands for accident medical expense.

What does "aggregate maximum" mean?

Aggregate maximum is the most a policy will pay for all claims made per accident regardless of the number of claims or claimants.

Can a deductible be added?

Yes, several deductible options are available.

What is the difference between full excess and primary?

Full excess means that the coverage is paid in excess of any other valid and collectible policy. This is the most affordable coverage. Primary means liability attaches immediately; therefore, this coverage is more costly.

Does the policyholder need to supply a roster listing all participants?

No, we do not require a roster listing participant names.

How do you file a claim?

Claim forms are available on the File a Claim page or by calling 877-369-0978.

How long after an accident occurs does the participant have to file a claim?

Claims should be filed as soon as possible and must be filed within 31 days of the covered accident. Do not wait for the primary insurance to review the claim first.