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Winter 2020


. Claims and Property Valuation
. Cyber Fraud and Business Email Compromise
. Creating A Written Narrative Can Help Lower Your Insurance Bill
. MiniCo’s Corporate Holiday Schedule

Claims and Property Valuation

For the past several years, catastrophic insurance claims of all types have been occurring more frequently and with increasing severity. It is critical that owners of self-storage operations prepare for potential catastrophic losses resulting from natural events as well as manmade and accidental occurrences. Property owners need to be aware that valuation affects the claim payment in the event of a covered loss.



Cyber Fraud and Business Email Compromise

Phishing is the preferred tool of cybercriminals, accounting for 93 percent of all breaches. One type of phishing is known as business email compromise. This occurs when a hacker uses email to impersonate a business contact with whom the recipient is familiar. The hacker's goal is to convince the recipient to send payments to a new account controlled by the criminal organization. Learn more about the best practices for minimizing the risk of cyber fraud via business email compromise.



Creating A Written Narrative Can Help Lower Your Insurance Bill

When it comes to commercial insurance for your self-storage business, there are many risk characteristics that underwriters evaluate to calculate the premium. Some of these, such as geographic location, are beyond your ability to control. However, there are several considerations that you can influence and that could help you when it comes to the insurance premium. One of the most effective ways of helping an underwriter understand your operation's risk profile is to create a written narrative about the business.



MiniCo’s Corporate Holiday Schedule

The holidays are fast approaching, and MiniCo wants to ensure that you receive the highest quality customer service throughout this hectic time of year. Learn more about our corporate offices closures during the holidays.




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