Protect Collectibles from Burglary

For your insurance clients with valuable collections, burglary should be a real concern. One of the principle causes of loss is theft. In addition to the proper collectibles coverage, the insured should try to minimize the risk of loss due to burglary. Even though some points may seem obvious, many times the most basic measures are ignored. There are some general risk management steps that should be taken:


Alarms should be set at all times, even during the daytime. Many burglaries take place in brief periods during the day, when a building or home is unoccupied.

Keep Doors Locked

Doors and windows should be locked when the property is unoccupied. This extends to windows that are seemingly inaccessible on upper floors.

Watch For Opportunists

Many thieves are opportunists. Be sure to check who the door is opened to, even asking for identification from home services tradesmen. Strangers should never be left unattended.

Use Time Switches

The use of simple time switches that can turn lights and music on and off can make it harder for burglars to determine whether a home is occupied or not.

The Best Security Is Occupancy

If a home or building is regularly occupied, the probability of a burglary goes down greatly. Otherwise, the impression of occupancy can be created as well. A frequent inspection of the property is helpful. Regularly empyting the mailbox, removing trash, and adjusting curtains can help to create the impression that occupants are present.

Stay In Contact

Collection owners should make sure that they can be reached when they are away. This can be achieved by using a security service or simply giving a neighbor a contact phone number.

Never Confront a Burglar

In the event of a break-in, never try to confront a burglar. Use a silent alarm if possible. This should be set to call assistance or police.

Make Sure Your Clients Have Adequate Collectables Coverage

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