Achieving More in Your Insurance Agency

Top agents typically ask themselves the same questions. How can I achieve more for my agency? How can I up my numbers from the previous year? If you find yourself asking these questions, you probably are the type of person who continually strives for the best. It’s a hard pedestal to reach.

Here are a few ways to boost your performance to get you closer to that idealistic goal.

Give Yourself Time to Think Without Distractions

When you find yourself stuck on a problem with no immediate solution coming to mind, it’s a good time to break away from the desk. When you get yourself moving and away from the digital distractions that could potentially hamper your creativity, you are giving yourself an opportunity to think.

Consider some early morning activity where you can have space and think of whatever comes to mind without workday distractions. You may find that journaling your thoughts first thing in the morning helps lead to a more focused day with clearer goals, or you may try yoga and find it to be a relaxing experience that enables you to set the tone for the day.

Get a Mentor

Having a mentor available is a surefire way to keep developing. A mentor is someone you can go to when things are not working out or when you encounter issues with which you have little experience. They will be there for you because they are invested in your success. Mentors also hold you accountable for your goals and actions. They’re even there to point out the things that you just cannot see yourself.

Work with Your Team

At the end of it, all your full team’s success will enrich the agency as a whole. If you are already a top performer at your location, be sure you are taking time out of your schedule to reach out to mentor those who need you. Being able to give back will provide more job satisfaction than larger numbers, and you will learn something from the process itself. Get more industry news here. 

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