All About QR Codes

QR codes look like a cubism form of a barcode. These encoded symbols can be printed out onto a product, sticker, or marketing material, and then scanned to share information. It’s a great way to provide information to clients without having to write it all out on every brochure or other marketing piece. In the past you had to download a separate app to scan a QR code and access the information; however, most smart phones now have QR scanners built into the phone’s camera. All a consumer has to do is open the camera app, tap the screen over the QR code, and a link pops up directing the user to the encoded website.

These are being seen in public more and more every day, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, many restaurants now have QR codes on tables so customers can scan the code to see a virtual menu. Restaurants and other retail businesses have gotten creative and so can your insurance agency.
Since QR codes link to a digital space, there’s no need to use them online instead of a link. They are best used in real-life physical spaces. Here are some examples of how your insurance agency can start adapting QR codes.

QR Code Uses

  • Link marketing materials (stickers, flyers, postcards, etc.) to your website
  • Provide internet access inside your place of work
  • Link customers to a review site
  • Track products
  • Direct scanners to a specific video, audio message, or set of documents.

These don’t have to be difficult to set up either. You can easily go online and find a free QR code generator and then customize it to your liking. The creative uses of QR codes are endless. Keep an eye out and you’ll start to see them everywhere! Seeing other businesses use QR codes is a great way to get inspired to use them for your own marketing efforts.

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