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If It’s Collectible, We’ll Cover It!

Serious collectors need specialty coverage that protects the full collectible value of their items. MiniCo Collectibles Insurance covers hundreds of collections from fine art to sports memorabilia.

MiniCo Collectibles Insurance offers more complete coverage at a competitive premium when compared to traditional homeowner policies. Plus the application process is simple and fast.

Sample Eligible Collection Categories (not inclusive)

    • Action Figures
    • Antique Rugs and Tapestries
    • Automobile Memorabilia
    • Books and Manuscripts (including maps, prints, etc.)
    • Cameras (Vintage)
    • Coin Collections
    • Collector Plates
    • Comic Books
    • Crystal
    • Dolls
    • Figurines
    • Fine Art (paintings, drawing, prints, photography, etchings, statuary, bronzes, porcelains, etc.)
    • Fishing Tackle (Antique)
    • Fur
    • Glass
    • Guns and Related Equipment
    • Jewelry
    • Model Trains
    • Movie Memorabilia
    • Musical Instruments and Related Equipment
    • Musical Instruments for Pay
    • Ornaments
    • Pottery
    • Rare, Unique or Novel Items (items of personal interest and memorabilia)
    • Rocks and Minerals
    • Silverware, Gold Ware, Pewter Ware
    • Sports Memorabilia (trading cards, autographs, etc.)
    • Stamp Collections
    • Teddy Bears
    • Toy
    • Wine