Driving in Winter Weather

Before heading out on the roads during winter months, it’s important to be prepared to drive safely for specific road and weather conditions. Here are some tips:

· Prior to departing, clear snow and ice from your car including the windshield, windows, mirrors, lights, reflectors, hood, roof, and trunk.

· Keep your headlights on while driving to improve visibility.

· Take extra care to check for oncoming traffic when visibility is obscured by precipitation, blowing snow, or snow drifts.

· Drive at a safe speed for current road conditions, which may be lower than the posted limit.

· As weather conditions and visibility worsen, increase your following distance and decrease speed.

· Don’t use cruise control in icy or snowy conditions and take extra care on bridges and overpasses, which may ice over before paved roads.

· Remember that the drivers of snow plows, sand trucks, and other road maintenance vehicles may have limited visibility so avoid passing them.

Next week, we’ll discuss what to do if your vehicle breaks down or gets stuck in winter weather. Check out the e-Risk Management newsletter archive for more tips.

Make it a safe day!

Mike Schofield
President & CEO

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