Help Your Clients Identify Their Covered Collectibles

Collectibles come in all shapes and sizes, from antiques and stamps to Action Figures and Comic Books. And because many millions of people are collectors, your existing client base likely includes collectors, even if they don’t realize it. You can help your clients to identify their covered collectibles by discovering any items they value, especially those in common collectible categories.

There are Millions of Collectors

In just a few of the top collectibles categories alone, there are millions of collectors. More than 7 million people in the U.S. are serious coin collectors (MarketWatch). About 5 million Americans are stamp collectors (Linn’s Stamp News).

Help Your Clients to Recognize Covered Collectibles

Look for Perceived Value

It can be helpful to ask your clients if they have items that they consider monetarily valuable. Collectors tend to think of their items as assets. Over 30% see their collectibles as an asset that will appreciate in value, and nearly 20% see their items as a safe asset that will hold value (

Check Common Categories

While nearly anything of value can be considered a collector’s item, a large percentage of collectibles can be found in a few main categories:
Fine Art, Cultural & Antiques

  • Paintings and Photography
  • Silverware, Gold Ware and Pewter Ware
  • Rare Books (including manuscripts, maps, and prints)
  • Crystal and Glass
  • Rugs and tapestries
  • Pottery
  • Ornaments and Figurines
  • Collector Plates
  • Wine
  • Stamps and coins

Toys & Memorabilia

  • Action Figures
  • Comic Books
  • Sports Memorabilia (including trading cards and autographs)
  • Dolls, Toys and Teddy Bears
  • Model Trains
  • Movie Memorabilia
  • Automobile Memorabilia
  • Trading Cards

This is by no means an exhaustive list of items that could be covered by collectibles insurance. Insurance agents can learn more: See our covered collectible items and get a quote.

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