Protect Your Model Railroad With Collectibles Insurance

We’re excited to announce collectibles insurance that is specifically made to cover your valuable model railroad collection. It’s a simple, affordable solution for insuring the components of your model train collection – for as little as $75 annually – that offers superior benefits when compared to a traditional homeowner’s policy. MiniCo Collectibles Insurance offers:

  • Coverage for collections valued at up to $1 million
  • Full collectible value
  • $0 deductible
  • No appraisal required at application
  • A.M. best “A” rated carrier
  • Nationwide availability

Homeowner’s Policy vs. Collectibles Insurance

Most railroaders assume that their trains and components are adequately covered under their homeowner’s policies. In general, collections worth more than $1 million probably have some type of specialty insurance, but smaller private collections are normally insured under a homeowner’s policy. However, should anything happen to destroy or damage a smaller collection, many of these individuals could find that they have lost a great deal of money.
MiniCo Collectibles Insurance varies dramatically from homeowner’s policies in several areas. For example, collections worth more than $5,000 must be appraised under most homeowner’s policies but not under MiniCo’s collectibles policy. Additionally, the policy has no deductible and can cover collections worth up to $1 million dollars. Homeowner’s policies typically include riders for collections worth more than $2,000.

Better Coverage And Claims Process

MiniCo Collectibles Insurance also differs from most homeowner’s policies in coverage and claims. Homeowner’s policies generally insure items for their actual cash value and may further limit the value of an item if it is kept in a storage facility. MiniCo Collectibles Insurance covers items in storage or away from home and may extend discounts to individuals who have security alarms or other risk-management features. Finally, making a claim on a collectibles policy does not carry the risk of increased homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Learn More

For as little as $75 per year, you can get added peace of mind knowing that your collection is properly covered. To learn more about MiniCo Collectibles Insurance or get started, visit, or call 888-873-6931.

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