Protecting Sports Memorabilia

It seems like almost everyone has heard a story about someone’s cherished collectible that either went missing or was destroyed. Maybe you or one of your insurance clients are the someone who experienced this loss. For serious collectors, it can be an emotional and often financial loss to discover that a treasured item has disappeared or has been damaged. Here are some tips for caring for sports memorabilia, but many of them apply to lots of other collectible items.

On Display or Put Away?

You don’t have to keep your memorabilia boxed up. These items mean a lot to you, and they deserve to be shown off. Feel free to proudly display your favorite pieces. The items not on display should be carefully packed and placed into storage. Be sure to label your items clearly to help prevent rough handling and damage.

Properly Displaying Memorabilia

When displaying prized sports memorabilia, be sure to keep items in the proper framing, cases, and containers to provide maximum security and protection. Environmental elements such as light, dust, humidity, and temperature can be damaging to many types of materials. Invest in protective binders for sports cards; frames for flat items like jerseys, magazines, and programs; and cases for other items.

Keep it Close

Have you heard the one about the guy whose mother unwittingly tossed out his prized collection of baseball cards while he was away at college? Or the one about the box of valuable memorabilia that disappeared during a move? The best way to prevent something like these situations from happening is to keep your collection close so you can check up on it. Don’t leave your memorabilia in the hands of another relative or friend. No one is going to care for your belongings the way that you would. Keep this in mind if you decide to put your items in storage. Make sure the storage facility is close enough so you can stop by frequently to check on your valuables.

Keeping Your Collection in Storage

If your memorabilia collection is currently stored in your basement or attic, it’s time to reconsider that plan. Storage units generally are a better option. Many self-storage facilities use multiple types of security technology to help protect customers’ stored items, which may make them a safer storage choice than your home. A number of self-storage facilities offer climate-controlled and air-conditioned storage units, which are excellent choices for collectors in areas that experience extreme temperatures and/or humidity. When placing belongings in a storage space, remember to keep valuable items off the ground to prevent damage from rising water or flood, and don’t store fragile items at the top of a stack of boxes where they could easily fall and be damaged.

Ultimate Protection

These tips offer effective ways to keep your belongings safe. However, even with all of these precautions, your collection can still suffer from accidental breakage, mysterious disappearance, or theft. The ultimate protection is to invest in specialty insurance designed to protect the appreciated value of your sports memorabilia. Learn about MiniCo’s collectibles insurance by clicking here.

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