Risk Management Checklist: Claims

Creating a risk management checklist for a self-storage business can be a challenge. In an ongoing series of articles, MiniCo offers suggestions for various categories and items that may be included in a risk management checklist. The first category in the series is claims.

The following questions may be useful as part of a company-wide risk management checklist.
Claims Checklist
• Does the facility have established procedures to follow in the event of a reportable incident?
• Does the facility have an Incident Report (IR) form to be used in the event of a reportable incident?
• Does the IR form contain all pertinent information on the person involved for future contact?
• Does the IR form identify the reason the person was on the premises?
• Does the IR form contain all the information pertinent to the cause of the incident?
• Are the employees trained on how to complete the IR form and when to use it?
• Are employees trained on what to do in the event of an incident resulting in an on-site injury involving an employee, tenant or visitor?
• Does the employee inspect the site of the incident and take photographs to preserve the scene?
• Are employees trained in Emergency First Aid?
• In the case of an incident involving a vehicle, does the employee know to call the police and to request the number of their report?
• Is the video surveillance recording reviewed?
• Are there procedures to preserve the recording documenting an incident?
• Do the employees know how to report an incident to the insurance company?
• Are all applicable emergency numbers for police, fire, emergency medical service and insurance agency/company posted for quick reference?
This brief article is not intended to provide specific legal analysis or advice, and should not be construed to apply to every potential situation involving insurance coverages and losses. For specific information and questions concerning this article and the information contained therein, please consult your insurance agent and/or your attorney.

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