Safe and Sustainable Growth Strategies for Food and Cannabis Delivery Operations

The burgeoning cannabis delivery industry, like the food industry, has seen exponential growth, driven by increasing legalization and consumer demand. Yet, as many delivery business owners know all too well, with growth comes the challenge of effectively scaling operations. Delivery issues—like delays, regulatory compliance missteps, or customer satisfaction issues—can impact the bottom line.

While these challenges represent significant operational hurdles, with knowledge of strategic risk management solutions, agents and brokers can guide their clients toward safe and sustainable growth.

A Safety-First Culture in Delivery Services

Imagine a scenario where a food or cannabis delivery business is poised for growth, yet its delivery operations are buckling under the strain of increased demand. Delivery issues, regulatory oversights, and escalating operational costs can turn a growing business into an operational nightmare. The critical question becomes: What can be done to mitigate these issues and ensure safe, sustainable delivery operation growth?

Here are a few things food and cannabis delivery operations can do to support safe and sustainable growth:

  • Use compliance and licensing software to navigate the complex regulations governing food and delivery operations. Particularly in cannabis operations, local, state, and federal laws vary greatly, creating a patchwork of rules. Product safety standards and delivery protocols can change rapidly. This challenge underlines the need for innovative solutions to reduce regulatory errors. Given the rapidly evolving legal landscape of the cannabis industry, savvy businesses can stay compliant by leveraging software tools to provide immediate insights about compliance laws.
  • Ensure your clients are fully protected against the unexpected. Theft and liability claims can throw a wrench in a business’ growth plan. In the past, cannabis delivery drivers carried about as much monetary value as a pizza dinner. However, today, cannabis delivery drivers may be allowed to carry up to $10,000 worth of goods on the road. That’s a hefty risk of theft! Additionally, when it comes to delivery drivers, what may seem like an inconsequential event — like making a right turn — could have a great impact on a business operation. Consider the Domino’s v. Wiederholder case, where a jury awarded almost $9 million to the plaintiff after a pizza delivery driver pulled in front of oncoming traffic, causing a fatal accident. The right insurance coverage can safeguard your client’s operations against unforeseen risks like theft and other liabilities that could impact business growth. 
  • Find knowledgeable partners. Growing a food or cannabis delivery business is exciting, but it’s not without its hurdles. At MiniCo, we know it takes more than hard work to grow in a fast-moving industry — you need partners with specialized expertise. We’re proud to offer an exclusive Hired and Non-Owned Auto program designed for the unique needs of food and cannabis delivery services along with risk management information and resources for your clients.

MiniCo: Your Partner for Specialized Hired and Non-Owned Auto InsuranceMiniCo’s dedicated program underwriters understand the risks facing businesses that utilize hired and non-owned vehicles for deliveries. Our exclusive program, paired with Jencap’s dedicated cannabis brokers, yields a one-stop-shop experience for our partners’ every need. Our team will work with you to ensure that your clients offering food and cannabis delivery services have the coverage they need to protect their businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our exclusive Hired and Non-Owned Auto program and get a quote.

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