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Tenant Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Do all self-storage facilities offer tenant insurance from MiniCo?

No. Only facilities that meet MiniCo’s underwriting standards and approval can qualify to offer one of MiniCo’s tenant insurance programs.

Why is there a need for tenant insurance?

A self-storage customer’s property is not insured by the self-storage facility. Therefore, it is each customer’s responsibility to insure his or her stored goods. Pay-With-Rent tenant insurance and TenantOne Direct from MiniCo cover losses due to events beyond the self-storage facility’s control such as burglary, fire, and other damage and natural disasters. 

How do customers enroll in Pay-With-Rent and TenantOne Direct?

MiniCo offers two types of tenant insurance programs: Pay-With-Rent and TenantOne Direct. With Pay-With-Rent, customers enroll right at the facility office once they have signed the lease agreement. Customers pay their monthly premium along with their monthly rental fee. With TenantOne Direct, customers may call MiniCo’s TenantOne Customer Hotline TOLL FREE 800-544-6464 and charge the premium using their MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover Card, or they may pay by check. If a customer prefers, he or she may complete the application attached to the brochure and mail it, along with their payment, to MiniCo in the envelope provided

How do customers file a claim?

Customers may file a claim using MiniCo’s online form.

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Do homeowner policies cover customers' stored goods?

Some homeowner policies provide protection for items stored away from home. For coverage clarification, customers should inquire with their insurance agent or company. However the, Pay-With-Rent and TenantOne Direct insurance programs from MiniCo are specialized primary-coverage policies for stored property.

What types of property are eligible for coverage?

Almost any personal property and business property a customer stores is eligible for coverage. Some of the exceptions are items such as accounts, ammunition, bills, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, securities, money, notes, animals, jewelry, watches, precious or semi-precious stones, furs and garments trimmed in fur. These items are not insurable under this policy. Some business inventory is also not covered.

Can a customer's workshop or office in the rented storage space be covered?

No. This policy is not designed to provide liability insurance or regular business or hobby operations protection.

What is the difference between burglary and theft?

Burglary means stealing property by means of forcible entry into a securely locked storage space, provided there are marks of forcible entry on the exterior of the storage space. Theft does not require forcible entry. Theft and mysterious disappearances are not covered under this policy.

When does the insurance stop?

This is a pay-as-you-go, monthly renewable policy. Normally, a customer’s coverage continues as long as he or she pays the monthly premium. If a customer terminates the lease and moves out, coverage stops when they move out. Customers may purchase insurance for multiple months if they choose.

Does the customer get a policy?

Pay-With-Rent customers will receive a Customer Policy Certificate of Insurance. Policies will be sent to TenantOne Direct customers. It describes the coverage, exclusions and conditions of insurance.
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