Start Creating Successful Display Campaigns for Your Insurance Agency

Display ads, digital online advertisements, really are everywhere. Even people who use ad-blocking plug-ins in their browsers can’t escape all of them. Not everyone notices just how many ads we are exposed to daily. We get used to seeing them, and eventually they blend in with the rest of the content. The good news is that since display ads are everywhere, using them for you agency can be a very effective marketing tool. However, you don’t want your content to blend in and be overlooked by your target audience. This is why it is so important to know how to create a successful display campaign. Here’s our guide to help insurance agents create their first successful display campaign.

Know Your Target Audience

Before you start creating any part of your ad, it is mandatory to identify your target audience. You can create the most perfect ad, but it is useless if the people who see it don’t fit your target audience. If your service isn’t relevant to the people viewing it, then your ad will result in wasted spending and you won’t get any clicks.
Your target audience is your potential clients – those people who are in need of your services. Using your website analytics, you can identify the age, sex, and location of the visitors who most frequently visit your website. When creating your ad, start with this information and build from there.

Designs That Stand Out

Once you’re identified the target audience for your ad, you have to get your ad to “pop” on their webpage and get noticed. The goal is to stand out from the other ads and entice the user to click it. Display ads come in all shapes and sizes. This can be tricky because some ads don’t accommodate a lot of text, and the text you do include may be difficult to read on smaller ad sizes. Pay attention to the colors and imagery your ad uses. Try to incorporate colorful elements with captivating imagery that can describe your product or service without many words.

Strong Calls To Action

Keeping in mind that you’ll be using minimal text in your ad, the call to action you choose is one of the most important elements. Once the right audience receives your ad and notices it, then what do you want them to do? They need to click it! Countless studies have shown that using action words encourages viewers to take the said action. Some commonly and successfully used calls to action are, “get a quote now,” “call for more information,” and “click here to learn more.”

The challenges with a successful display ad campaign are getting the ads in front of the right audience, making them enticing and unique enough to be noticed, and using effective and short calls to action to encourage the user to click the ad. It takes time and usually some experimentation to better optimize your ads, but with research and careful design you’ll be running a successful display campaign in no time.

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