3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attack

When it comes to cyber attacks, small and medium-sized businesses are not excluded from the threat. Many small businesses believe that cyber criminals are only interested in data from big companies, and that is not always true. In fact, with cyber criminals coming up with new techniques to hack any system, small business are the most attractive due to the following:

  1. They Don’t Handle Their Data Well

Information in an organization is important and should be secured to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. Small business data is attractive for a number of reasons. Criminals can use the data from small businesses as a route to access data from big companies with which small and medium enterprises (SMEs) work closely.

  1. They Are Easier To Attack

Criminals can invade a business from anywhere in the world through the internet. Small businesses may not have the best Internet security, and attackers see this as an opportunity. These small and medium businesses tend to have poor IT infrastructure. Plus, lack of good data policies and procedures makes them an easier target for cyber criminals.

  1. They Are Not Prepared For Attacks

Despite the studies that show how devastating cyber attacks are to small businesses, most take cyber security lightly. This happens due to a misconception that SMEs are not targets. Unlike large enterprises, small and medium businesses are actually at a very high risk of cyber attacks.
In this new era of ever-increasing information technology, data security requires a solid defense system to keep an organization’s data secure. Lack of these systems makes them vulnerable and easier target.

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