4 More Tips For Insurance Agencies Using Social Media

Social media has become extremely popular and important to all industries in the past decade and even more so in the last few years. As an independent insurance agency owner or manager, your online marketing and social media is likely an ongoing concern. Are you maximizing your efforts? Are you staying competitive? Here are some key points to consider as you either get started in planning your social media campaign or optimize your existing presence:

Listen To Your Customers Through Social Media Platforms

Your insurance organization should be using social media in a way that allows you to see exactly what your customers are talking about­­­. If you stay on top and listen through social outlets, you can gain that knowledge early on, and it can be used proactively to make decisions and better offer what your customer wants.

Place An Importance On Responding To Your Customers

This can help you build trust and confidence with your customers by being visible and responding to their comments and concerns online. Being quick to answer their concerns can also help you to build your reputation as a responsive agency.

Show Your Authentic Connections

Social media allows you to do something different and stand out. For example, you could reach out to a specific group of customers. You could also engage with your professional partners and recognize them for their contributions. You can do this by mentioning and engaging them on your social media pages.

Use Social Media To Show Authority

Keeping up with the latest insurance laws and recent changes will help your company plan and move forward into the future. Serving this information to your customers also shows that your agency is knowledgeable and constantly adjusting to rapid change.

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