5 Tips on how to use Linkedin to Connect with your Prospects

Insurance_MarketingSocial media has become one of the most important ways of gaining new contacts and leads, and LinkedIn is currently the king of business networking. If you approach LinkedIn with the right strategies, you’ll quickly have an effective new tool for your insurance marketing strategies.

We’ve put together a quick list of five ways you can start connecting with more leads and prospects through LinkedIn.

Five Ways LinkedIn Can Bring You The Connections You Want

I.  Scannable Business Cards
Here’s a fun way to get more of your face-to-face contacts to connect to you: Add scannable barcodes or QR codes to the back of your business card that automatically makes the connection. It creates a quick and easy way for the contact to put your information into their phone, so they’re more likely to do it.
II.  Contribute Meaningfully
More than a little open self-promotion is frowned upon in social media, so use open insurance marketing sparingly. Most of your time should be spent simply participating in discussions and adding content to the Groups you’re in. Impress by being an expert, rather than saying you are.
III.  Connect With Strategy
Look for thought leaders in your area of expertise, as well as in the general insurance marketing forums. It’s the old networking game in a new form – look for ways to impress the folks who have all the good contacts, without looking like you’re trying to impress them.
IV.  Go Premium
LinkedIn offers a number of nice features in exchange for paying a monthly fee, but in truth, it’s worth it for the cache. Being a Premium Member automatically gives you more credibility, and makes you look a lot more serious about your LinkedIn insurance marketing strategies.
V.   Branch Out Through Groups
Follow your customers to Groups they use, and add to the discussions. For example, someone in homeowner’s insurance could contribute safety tips to home improvement groups. Don’t self-promote at all when you’re doing this. Just look for ways to be useful.

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