Organize Your Daily Content to Enhance Relevancy

Organize Your Daily Content to Enhance Relevancy

The content you write and when it’s posted has a significant impact on how your audience sees your agency. Your website is the main source of content. Your emails and social media accounts provide different avenues that lead to your site. You want the information you share to be relevant and to stay in your audience’s feed. The content you share through those avenues should vary. Using them appropriately helps your content to keep appearing in users’ online feeds. In turn, this helps your audience get to know you as you become a part of their weekly routine.


  • Main information
  • Contact and location
  • Updates

Your website is the meat and bones of your agency’s communication efforts. The most crucial information should be here such as contact numbers and e-mails, office locations, and details about products and policies. This content shouldn’t be changing often unless you need to update outdated information or add new content.


  • Updates
  • Highlights
  • Specials

Email is a great way to keep your users updated on what’s going on with your agency on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s a good resource for letting users know what’s new in your agency or what specials you have to offer. Don’t expect them to check your website every day. It’s up to you to reach your users and tell them what they need to know.

Social media

  • 5-3-2 rule
  • Everyday fun stuff
  • Personal content
  • Updates

Social media is a great way to maintain communication with your audience. You don’t ever want to “go dark” by not posting anything for a while. Through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s easy to make daily posts to ensure you have a daily presence online. This shows your audience and followers that your agency is active and not stale.  If you don’t know what to post every day, the 5-3-2 rule is a good one to follow. Every two weeks, share the following types of content:

  • 5 posts that re-share other information that is relevant to your agency
  • 3 posts that are directly about your agency, policies, or updates
  • 2 posts that are personal such as non-controversial opinions or “Motivation Monday”-type posts

Posting every day can be difficult. Using the proper avenues to put out important information will help your agency be seen regularly by your clients. Having daily content helps your website stay fresh and active and keeps clients up to date so they don’t miss important information and updates.

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