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MiniCo accepts submissions for the ArtisanPAK program from licensed retail insurance agents and brokers without a producer agreement in place. However, a completed and approved producer agreement is required for binding.

To request a producer agreement, email

Producer Requirements:

  • Valid insurance license in your resident state and any state in which we would write business
  • Minimum E&O of $1 million/$1 million
  • Completed and approved MiniCo producer agreement

Submission Requirements:

  • Completed ACORD applications for lines requesting quotes
  • GL Qualifier or competitor supplemental if it covers most or all of the same risk and exposure information
  • For GL, currently valued company loss runs for this policy period plus four prior years
  • For other lines, currently valued company loss runs for this policy period plus two prior years
  • Target premium for each line quoted (optional)
  • Brochures, website links, and other information about the prospective organization (optional)

Submit completed applications and supporting information to

  • Bases of Premium (PDF)
  • Certificate of Insured’s Warranties (PDF)
  • Endorsement Request Form (PDF)
  • Requests for AI Endorsements (PDF)
  • General Liability Qualifiers
    Other carrier contractor qualifiers or supplementals are acceptable for quoting GL business.
    • All Classes New Business Qualifier (PDF)
    • General Information New Business Qualifier (PDF)
      To be used with one or more of the individual class qualifiers.
  • Drywall, Acoustical Tile, and Insulation (PDF)
  • Electrical (PDF)
  • Fencing (PDF)
  • Floor Covering (PDF)
  • Glazier/Glass (PDF)
  • Home Installation (PDF)
    Includes garage door, door, cabinet, and counter top installation; interior commercial and residential stairway and rail installation; and handymen.
  • HVAC (PDF)
  • Landscaping (PDF)
  • Land Improvement and Land Development (PDF)
  • Masonry and Concrete (PDF)
  • Painting, Paperhanging, Drapery, and Window Treatments (PDF)
  • Plumbing (PDF)
  • Solar Energy (PDF)
  • Swimming Pool and Associated Subs (PDF)
  • Tile (including granite and marble) (PDF)
  • Renewal Qualifier (for renewal business) (PDF)
    A new qualifier is required every three years. Submitting an All Classes New Business Qualifier (see above) or the General Information New Business Qualifier with the appropriate class qualifier(s) (see above) is also acceptable.