How Insurance Agents Can Build Their Personal Brand Online

The Internet has made business more transparent than ever. This can be an advantage for independent agents who are willing to build what has become know as a “personal brand” online. It’s not as difficult as it might sound. Here are tips to get started:

Your Own Digital Network

There are a few key channels to focus on in the online space. If computer skills are not your strength, a college student or intern could be of assistance. There are four areas of digital focus for most agents:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • LinkedIn account
  • Facebook account

A website will be the main center of attention. Your Facebook and LinkedIn pages may need to be setup and optimized. A blog can complement a website. These should all be interconnected in order to help promote your message and content.

The Website Focus

There are plenty of items to consider adding on a website. Beyond talking solely about products and services that can brand your agency, photographs of family and various activities you’re involved in can help people to get to know you. Additional information and contact numbers can help as well.

Social Media

Although this is an area that has been changing over the years, stick with popular websites like LinkedIn and Facebook. The former is especially helpful for commercial agents. In general, remember to stay away from controversy and to distill important content down to bite-sized pieces for social media.


While some are concerned about the value of blogging considering the time investment, it can be a great way to convey your “thought leadership” on an issue or topic. Your social media followers have the freedom to provide valuable feedback. If your blog is on your website, it can also help to bring visitors to your site.

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