Putting Chatbots to Work for Insurance

Last year we wrote about chatbots and their rise in the public eye. Now that a full year has passed, we can more closely examine the future of chatbots for insurance. This idea of a virtual bot is not going anywhere. They are becoming more extensive and easier to create for any business or agency.

The primary purpose of chatbots has been for customer related queries. Current trends reported in the 2018 State of the Chatbot Report indicate that chatbots and Amazon’s Alexa are both very popular.

60 percent of respondents indicated that they have used those mechanisms to interact with a business within the last 12 months.

38 percent of those surveyed reported that they had used online chat last year.

Right now 15 percent of American adults have used a chatbot, and 16 percent of them have used a smart speaker.

Chatbots are already being used in the insurance industry. There have been bots made to help automate the claims process, schedule appointments, and even to automate underwriting. Brands have been using chatbots to enhance their customer experience because they provide users a quick and easy way to get the information they need. Customers have found well-designed chatbots to be an ideal customer support tool because they are available 24/7 and respond to customers instantly.

You can utilize a chatbot to further engage your core audience and communicate with them during times when they are not on their other social media platforms. Most commonly bots are being used to resolve a complaint or to reach out for assistance. Chatbots can be used as customer service reps, or they can help you in the quoting process. If keeping up with a lot of comments and questions on your page is taking up a lot of time each day, it may be time to look into creating a small chatbot to help out with some services.

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