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Communicating With Tenants About Fire Prevention

Ongoing tenant education is a top priority when it comes to fire prevention at a self-storage facility, and regular communication to customers can go a long way toward mitigating the risk of fire on the property. Examples of tenant communication include the following:

Signage: Post “no smoking” signs throughout the facility as well as signs reminding tenants that the use of candles or other open flame is prohibited on the property.

Bill Reminders: When you send out bill reminders by mail or email, include brief educational messages and safety tips such as a list of items that are prohibited from being stored (gasoline, paint thinner and propane) and reminders to drain fuel from lawn mowers, chain saws, gas generators, lanterns, and heaters prior to storage.

Hazard Reporting Hotline: Communicate to tenants that you care about their safety and need their help to keep the facility safe and secure. Encourage them to report safety hazards to the facility via a hotline telephone number and/or dedicated email address. Whenever a tenant makes a report, be sure to follow up to thank them and let them know that the issue is being addressed.

Next week, we'll review tips for facility managers about fire prevention.

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