What is Malware?

In order to protect your self-storage operation from cybercrime, it helps to understand the most common threats and tactics used by cybercriminals. This week’s topic is malware.

What is Malware?

The word “malware” is a shortened version of the term “malicious software.” Malware works by infecting a computer to disable a system, prevent user access, or steal sensitive or valuable data. Malware is typically hidden in an email attachment, link, popup, or webpage. It works by breaching a network through a vulnerability such as when a user downloads an email attachment or clicks on a dangerous link that installs risky software.

Here are some tips to help prevent downloading malware:

· Do not click links or open attachments on any email from an untrusted source.

· Before you click on a link in an email or open an attachment, examine the sender’s details in the “From” line, and delete it immediately if the domain name (after the “@”) looks suspicious.

· Install computer security software and keep it updated.

Remember, if you aren’t sure that an email is legitimate, call the business and ask. Taking the time to pause before you click can save you and your self-storage operation time, frustration, embarrassment, and money.

Next week, we will discuss another top cybersecurity threat for self-storage operations: phishing.

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Make it a safe day!

Mike Schofield
President & CEO

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