Self-Storage Commercial Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a claim?

Please report any claim directly to your insurance agent.
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Do I pay the premium due when I receive the invoice or will I receive a monthly statement?

Premiums are due upon receipt of the invoice. MiniCo does not send out monthly statements.

Do I need an agent?

No. However, it is in your best interest to build a relationship with a local agent. MiniCo can help you find a local agent familiar with self-storage risks near you.
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Will my premium be lower if I do not use an agent/broker?

Premiums are not based on whether an agent represents the policyholder. Your choice to use an agent/broker or to contact MiniCo directly will not affect the amount of your premium.

Does MiniCo offer multi-location discounts?

Yes. A MiniCo commercial insurance insured must have five or more locations to qualify for a multi-location discount.

Does MiniCo write builder's risk coverage?

Yes. MiniCo offers a course of construction coverage that insures the owner's property and liability interest.

What is sale and disposal legal liability?

Sale and disposal legal liability provides coverage for liability due to lien sale activity.

What is customer goods legal liability?

Customer goods legal liability provides coverage for tenants' property losses due to negligent acts by the insured at the covered self-storage facility.

Does MiniCo offer pollution coverage?

Limited pollutant cleanup and removal coverage is available as an optional coverage. For details, please call a MiniCo representative TOLL FREE 800-528-1056 or e-mail

Does MiniCo insure converted buildings?

Yes. However, underwriting guidelines must be met.

Does MiniCo write risks other than self-storage?

We may entertain companion non-self-storage risks and coverages. Information about additional lines of business is included on this site.

Do you accept an ACORD application?

MiniCo offers an ACORD supplemental application.

Application in PDF format

ACORD supplement

How do I change my agent and stay with MiniCo?

Send MiniCo a completed and signed Agent of Record Authorization Form assigning your new agent.
Agent of Record Authorization Form

Complete and sign an Agent of Record Authorization Form which should be given to the agent being appointed. The agent will then forward it to the fund manager or insurance company.

Note that providing an Agent of Record Authorization Form to an agent or broker automatically removes your previous agent of record.

You may change the agent of record at any time, by simply writing another letter and appointing someone else.

How is an Agent of Record Authorization Form processed once it is received?
  • Agent of Record Authorization Form received.
  • Confirm whether agent on letter is already an approved agent with MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC.
  • Current broker is called and advised of the change.
  • Faxed confirmation is sent to the current agent.
  • Faxed confirmation is sent to the new prospective agent, which would include request for completed application and appointment documents if needed.
  • Wait 10 days to see if countermanding Agent of Record Authorization Form is received.
  • If mid-term, the outgoing old agent would be the servicing agent until renewal, at which time the assigned agent would be added to the policy and given commission. A note is added to the file reflecting this procedure.