Tornado Warnings

Forecasters are predicting an active tornado season, so it is important for self-storage businesses to be prepared. Tornadoes can destroy buildings, flip cars, and create hazardous flying debris, and they can happen anywhere at any time. If you are under a tornado warning, follow these important steps.


  • Go to a safe room, basement, storm cellar, or storm shelter.
  • If these options are not available, go to a small, interior room on the lowest level of the structure.
  • ·Stay away from windows, doors, and exterior walls.


  • Get to a sturdy building immediately if you can do so safely.
  • Sheltering in a low, flat location is safer than under an overpass or bridge.
  • Beware of flying debris.
  • Protect your head and neck with your arms.

Next week, we will review tips to help you survive a tornado.

Download a detailed tornado action plan prepared by Liberty Mutual Insurance, one of MiniCo’s carriers.

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Make it a safe day!

Mike Schofield
President & CEO