3 Types of Collectibles Your Clients May Have

Out of all the clients you have, there’s a chance that a few of them have high-value collections of some kind. Most of the time these collections go uninsured (or inadequately insured) because your clients simply are not aware they can insure their precious belongings. With this in mind, remember that it is important to truly get to know your clients and learn what kind of coverages would genuinely help them.

Here are a few types of high-value items that your clients may collect.

Sports Memorabilia

This broad category can cover many different collectibles from baseball cards to signed balls and photos. Believe it or not, there’s also vintage bike collecting. Old Hickory bikes from Tonk Manufacturing can command prices as high as $17,000. 

Antique Electronics

There are a lot of different types of antique collectibles out there, but antique electronics are especially popular. From vintage calculators to candlestick phones,  there are collectors who are trying to build their collections.

Magic The Gathering

While there are many different trading card games, Magic the Gathering may be the most popular among collectors and players. At one point, the creators of Magic printed out a limited batch of cards that were never to be printed again. The game has also been going since 1993 with new cards released every year and has a version of play that can use most of the cards in its extensive history, making them very sought after by the playing and collecting community. Right now, the most expensive card in the series is the Black Lotus valued anywhere from $16,000-$20,000.  

Make sure to ask new customers about any collections they may own when getting to know them. They might surprise you with what they have at home or locked away in their self-storage unit. Learn more about collectibles insurance and make sure you are offering it to your clients today!

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