4 Tips to Increase Self-Storage Safety and Security

Keeping a self-storage facility safe and secure should be a primary concern for owners and operators. There is much that can be done to make facilities safer and increase security. Ongoing property maintenance and tenant awareness can help to reduce occurrences of accidents and property damage. Crime can be minimized with the proper security. Tenant awareness can help customers to be proactive.
Maintain and Monitor the Facility
Facility maintenance is important because it helps to spot safety hazards. Regularly monitoring for issues is helpful. As examples, poorly lit areas and cracks in asphalt can be noted.
Invest In Security Features
All self-storage facilities should have a gate system with cameras. Individual unit alarms are ideal. More security measures makes crime less likely. Many facilities are using motion-sensor lighting, intercoms and wireless door alarms.
Prevent Fires
Fire is one of the most common and most costly causes of property damage at self-storage facilities. To reduce the risk of fire, tenants should avoid certain behaviors, including storing flammable materials, smoking, and burning candles. It’s also important that electrical outlets are not overloaded.
Increase Tenant Awareness
Self-storage owners and operators can reduce the chances that accidents will occur by educating tenants on staying safe. Making sure that tenants understand best practices can help keep them safe. For examples, they should know that stacking items above 6 feet in height increases the risk of injury. To reduce this risk, stored items should be stacked at a height below 6 feet or placed on shelving. It’s also helpful to post “No Smoking” signs in several locations to make sure that tenants know smoking is not permitted.
It is also a good idea to have an ongoing discussion about safety issues with tenants, and to review the safety guidelines with all new tenants. Unsafe tenant behaviors should be noted and then discussed with tenants. It’s helpful to advise them on how to reduce their risk of injury or property damage.

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