Showcasing Your Agency’s Culture on Instagram

Using Instagram can be an effective way to grow your agency’s presence. It can also be a fun way to build employee advocacy. There may be some resistance as your agency tries to figure out how to best represent your brand and agency on the network. There will be a lot of growing and learning as you start using Instagram or return to the platform after time away.

Be ready to think outside the box and get comfortable with the possibility of missteps. Set a broad goal of showcasing your agency’s culture on Instagram and start with small steps in order to learn what is working.

Ideas to Explore:

Remember that with Instagram personal postings may be more effective than stock imagery. Showcasing agency events and employees are good ideas for posts. However, if your agency is like many companies, it can be a stretch to find exciting things to post about each day.

Take the opportunity to explore different types of postings. Using a small amount of text in a post is okay. Think about ways you can share educational content with your audience. You want to create valuable content that will help expand your audience’s knowledge about your products and customer service. Everyone wants to learn, and adding that little bit of value to your posts can go a long way.

Another idea is to assign responsibility for the account to various employees every few days and have them showcase their day on Instagram Stories. Remember that it’s okay to be personal and relatable. By mastering the creation of quick, informative content, you’ll create easily digestible posts that will provide value and make a memorable impression on your audience.

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