4 Tips To Increase The Engagement Of Agents and Employees

Having an engaged workforce is vital for any organization’s success. Research shows that companies with higher levels of employee engagement have better earnings per share, net income growth and higher operating income.
Boosting the engagement of your insurance agents and employees does not have to take months or be expensive. By following these tips, your agency can build an effective engagement strategy:

Motivating Leadership

“Walking the talk” is the most effective employee engagement strategy any organization can deploy. You agents should be able to see leadership that demonstrates the behaviors and characteristics everyone else is required to display. Checking in with your agents and employees on a continuous basis will also help you determine how their experience in the workplace can be enhanced.
With the feedback you receive, you may be able to create a more rewarding environment in which your employees can succeed. Taking time to build genuine relationships will also motivate your workforce to pursue the organization’s goals.

Encourage Growth

Managers and owners should support their agents and employees by providing growth opportunities for them. This can be in the form of ongoing training and one-on-one meeting. During the meetings, you can discuss the various challenges your employees encounter and how they can be resolved. It is also important to ensure that your employees know what is expected of them. This way they can gauge their performance against the expectations and look for ways to improve their performance over time.

Promote A Sense Of Purpose

People have a need to feel valued and significant. Employees and agents who feel that their active roles contribute to the agency’s success are likely to feel comfortable and driven in the workplace. Involving them in decisions also creates a sense of ownership over the direction the company is taking.

Regular Recognition And Rewards

Employees who know their efforts will be recognized and rewarded are more motivated to perform in their respective roles. As a manager, create time to regularly thank them and reward them for their efforts. You can also encourage them to boost their performance and provide incentives to the hardworking agents and employees.

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