Getting Seen and Followed on Twitter

Twitter is its own unique social media platform. Although you have followers, how you post, engage, and create content varies from the other social media networks. Here are some tips to help you get seen and grow followers on Twitter.


Followers matter. The more followers you have, the greater the reach your posts will have. Having followers also increases your chances of being retweeted and others seeing your posts. Once you have a strong following, this shows that you are a credible source, and Twitter will be more likely to organically push your content.

Twitter 101

  • Profile and banner images
  • Personal bio with location and keywords
  • Brand information

Here are some tips to make sure your Twitter profile is fully completed. This means using high-quality imagery, making sure your content and tone of your posts match your brand, and linking your website to your profile. An incomplete profile does not read as legitimate and will hurt your follower count.

Tweet Well

Twitter encourages posting multiple times throughout the day. The best content is around 140 characters; there’s no need to try to hit the 280-character count. Shorter tweets outperform the longer ones. Use 1-2 hashtags, make a point that makes others think, use visuals, and add your thoughts to current events and conversations. Twitter is all about being a part of the conversation. Displaying creativity while representing your brand will help your account stand out.

Tracking and Engaging

As you use your Twitter account, you must look at the performance data that is collected and engage with your followers. Your data will tell you when your followers are most active, which posts performed best, the time and day they performed best, and who and where your audience is located. Using this data as you engage with your followers will allow you to make better interactions and posting decisions. Never let a retweet or comment by a follower go without a comment from your account. If people are talking about your tweet and you don’t engage, that activity will likely cease and not encourage any new connections.
Take these tips and apply them to your Twitter marketing strategy. Already have a Twitter profile put together? Try updating it, get your account verified, and give a few more of these tips a trial run.

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