Making a Personal Connection with Clients

Film a Video Testimonial

Videos are a great way to make a personal connection with individuals. If you have already done a great job for a client, reach out and ask them if they would be willing to do a video testimonial for you. You might be surprised at how many clients are ready to help you out! Plus, the next time you meet with a prospect instead of just telling them what you can do for them, you can show them.
Don’t forget to share the video on Facebook when it’s done as your client might want to share it with their network, opening you up to a lot of potential future clients.

Create a Blog

Having an open channel for communicating and sharing your knowledge is what blogging is about. Creating a blog is about showcasing what you, specifically, do for prospects and clients. After some time spent blogging, you’ll build up your SEO and it will be easier for prospects to find you among the masses of other insurance agents.
Blogging also builds your professional image and network. Plus, you will develop a voice in your writing that will be uniquely yours. Leverage that as you build your online brand. Solidify the image of an insurance agent who is extremely well versed and is always ready to help clients find the best coverage for their needs.

Ask About Their Hobbies

To get to know your clients better, why not ask about their hobbies? If it turns out that they collect valuable items such as mint stamps or baseball cards, you could talk to them about the value of collectibles insurance. Being able to turn a fun conversation about their hobbies into a meaningful talk about plans is more natural than a sales pitch and they’ll be impressed at all the services you can offer them. As an added bonus, you can mention their hobbies as your conversation starter the next time you need to chat- or when you’re asking them for a referral down the line.

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