3 Tips for Better Cold Calls

When it comes to selling insurance, an independent agent’s least favorite thing is generally making “cold calls.” There’s nothing quite as discouraging as going through hundreds of possibilities, only to have a few real leads to show for all the hours of hard work.
While making cold calls may not be on your list of favorite pastimes, they are still a vital step in finding potential clients who may not have considered or even know about your insurance agency. So, before you write off cold calls, try these tips to help you to improve your success rating:

Get Your Attitude Together

Your voice gives away a lot about how you’re feeling and, if your attitude isn’t great, you’re not going to attract as many clients. While it may be hard to feel enthusiastic about making cold calls, it’s time to put on your most positive outlook and get in an upbeat mood. Before you start making calls, consider listening to some inspiring music and put uplifting photos around your desk. Make sure you smile during calls, display a genuine confidence in the product, and make it a point to explain the many benefits your insurance agency offers. To keep from burning out, limit the number of calls you make each day and take breaks to renew your frame of mind.

Know the Person You’re Calling

Before you enter their number, do a little bit of research on the person you’re about to call. Remember, you’re about to take some of their valuable time telling them about what an independent insurance agent can offer; it helps to know who you’re dealing with. You can find out something about the individual by looking at their LinkedIn profile or business website. When you know who you’re calling, you can better connect with the potential client and have a grasp of what they want.

Scripts Aren’t the Enemy

Scripts have the ability to make you sound like a recording, but they can also be pretty helpful when it comes to cold calls. Scripts can help you to focus in on the point, stay on track and avoid wasting time, and understand objections you may face. While you can’t stick to a script word-for-word, you can still use it as a good outline for your conversation. Definitely draft a script you can read when you’re faced with leaving a voicemail response so that you won’t omit important information such as your contact details.

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