Winter Temperatures: Know Your Weather Risks

 Winter Temperatures: Know Your Weather Risks

In most areas of the country, winter means colder weather. Frigid temperatures, slippery ice, and frozen pipes aren’t the only things to worry about. Hail and wind can cause a lot of damage. Be sure you are aware of these cold weather risks and take steps to prepare for them.

Cold weather

Cold weather can bring icy ground that can be slippery. To minimize the risk of slips and falls for employees and clients, use wet floor signage and make sure there are mats by exterior doors so people can wipe off moisture from their shoes.
If your clients own self-storage facilities, make sure they have the appropriate insurance to help protect the facility from potential claims and lawsuits in the event of bodily injury and property damage. MiniCo offers insurance specifically for self-storage facility owners.

Routine maintenance

Keeping self-storage properties updated and well maintained can help reduce ordinary day-to-day risks. It’s important for your self-storage clients to schedule a complete property inspection before the colder weather hits. If areas of concern are identified, the repairs should be completed by licensed and insured professionals in a timely manner. Your self-storage clients don’t want any surprises once bad weather hits. In the winter, it is easy for pipes to freeze, so keep faucets slightly open to keep water flowing and avoid freezing pipes.
MiniCo’s insurance professionals have a wealth of information about preventing risks at self-storage properties. Sign up for our e-Risk Management Newsletter so that you don’t miss out on important tips.

Freezing weather

Cold weather comes in all different types of frozen forms. Winter makes everyone think of rain and snow, but it is important not to forget about hail. Hail can happen during any season and could cause catastrophic property damage. Keep your self-storage clients’ commercial property protected with MiniCo’s Wind/Hail Deductible Buy-Back Program. Click here to learn more about it!
Stay warm and stay safe this winter! Let us know in the comments what steps you take to prepare for winter weather.

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