Level up Your Agency!

Take Your Small Insurance Agency to the Next Level

If your agency has been around for a while and you feel like numbers and leads are flat, consider making a few changes. People like companies that are exciting and engaging. Follow these tips to start getting out your message in new ways that can help attract and keep clients.

Standing Out

Stand out by standing in front of a new audience. Have you considered podcasting? Hosting a podcast is a good way to reach a new audience while also providing a new form of information to your current audience! Being a podcaster can help position your insurance agency as a leader in your industry.
If you don’t want to host your own podcast, you could be a guest speaker on or sponsor of an existing podcast. The range of available podcasts is very broad, so there’s something for just about everyone. Do some research to find the right podcast to sponsor or on which to be a speaker. Once the recording is finished, use clips from the podcast on your website and social media.

Create a Captivating Video

Use engaging videos to grab the attention of your audience. Videos are great because you can trim them to any length, and they can be used in email, on your website, and on social media. Using video as a marketing tool can help improve your website SEO, and positing your video on social media gives it the opportunity to go viral.
Going viral sounds difficult, but it’s an attainable goal. If you can tell a great story in a small amount of time, you may start trending. A few good tips are to have good lighting and great sound for your video, and avoid being too sales-oriented in your message. Videos should either be entertaining or educational, and always engaging.
Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know in the comments by sharing your experiences!

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