Get to Know Your Insurance: Insuring Jewelry

Get to Know Your Insurance:  Insuring Jewelry

Along with the excitement of the winter holidays and the New Year, lots of things could be changing in your clients’ lives. Did a client get engaged? If an expensive ring or other precious jewelry came into a client’s life, you should have a talk with them about protecting their newly acquired bling with insurance as soon as possible. Don’t wait! Before you know it, it could be July and you’re getting a call from a very upset client who lost their ring on summer vacation or had someone break in and swipe their shiny Rolex. Keep your clients happy throughout the year by providing them with peace of mind through jewelry insurance.
Of course, insuring jewelry doesn’t just mean engagement rings. Jewelry in all its forms is a popular gift around the holidays. Talk to your client about insuring all of their collection and not just the new jewelry. With MiniCo it is an easy and simple process to get collectibles insurance for fine gemstones, jewelry, and watches, too!
woman picking out jewelry from her jewelry collection which piece to insure with minico collectible insurance

Give your Clients the Security of MiniCo Collectibles Insurance

Some people place far too much trust in their homeowner policy or renters insurance when it comes to protecting their belongings. These types of insurance policies typically don’t cover the full value of the item during the time of a claim. A standard homeowner policy has a coverage limit of $500-$2,000 for jewelry and often only covers the depreciated value of the items.
With MiniCo, there is no appraisal required (except for individual items valued over $50,000), no deductible, and items are also insured for accidental breakage. For detailed information, click here.
Check with your clients to see what their current policy covers and if MiniCo’s coverage is a good fit for them. Expensive purchases and valued collectibles should receive the proper care that they deserve to protect their value. Be sure to talk to your clients about insuring their collectible items so they aren’t left empty handed in the event of a loss.

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