3 Ways your Small Business can get Involved in the Community

Small_Business_MarketingOne of the easiest ways to boost exposure for your small business marketing is to find a way to get involved in the local community. Even if you, personally, are already active in your community, your small business should be as well.
It gets your brand out there and ensures the community knows about you, as well as creating goodwill between you and the public.

Small Business Marketing: Three Ways To Give Back To The Community
1 – Sponsor a Local Team
If you’re looking for a local investment that will get you a lot of exposure and goodwill, you can rarely go wrong by backing a local competitive team. You get your logo into their stadium, onto their programs and hot dog wrappers, possibly even into the field itself.
You might even consider trying to kickstart a team if you know a lot of nearby towns already have their own teams. Building a ball team from scratch, even just at a local level, will gain you a lot of visibility. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!
2 – Do a Charity Drive
This is another that can rarely go wrong. Pick a local cause, and sponsor a public awareness and donation campaign on its behalf.
The key is to find a cause that’s specific to the community. Just raising money for a local hospital is fine, but it’s even better if there’s something in town that needs fixed, and you can be the one to fix it. It’s nice to be the hero for a change, plus you’ll know the charity really is going towards a good cause.
3 – Add A Public Feature
An often-overlooked idea is the potential of adding something a little more permanent to your community. Just a small piece of greenspace, donated by your company, can garner a lot of goodwill among passers-by.
Call over to city hall and find out if they happen to have any improvement projects like that on hold, waiting for funding. There might be a great opportunity just waiting for the right backer.

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